Maharishi Farmer Producer Company Limited

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Quality Products

Our Product are good in quality and pure.

Always Fresh

Our product are Fresh and healthy.

Excellent Services

We Provide best service and support to our client and farmer who are associated with us.


What is MFPCL

India is agriculture based country and more than 50% people of our nation engaging in farming and the total contribution of agriculture in GDP is around 20% government of India also mention their view about farmer that government give permission to farmer producer company to help the farmer for production and selling their goods. When a farmer buys seed they don’t have enough knowledge and not get benefit of government but when you connected with farmer producer part then you also get government subsidies.  A farmer company purchased seed in bulk for farmer and NABARD also help them for purchasing seed and farmer get benefit, farmer producer company ensure farmer to sell the product of farmer when a farmer become a member of Farmer producer company then they can sell their product easily because farmer producer company do marketing of that product and company also provide storage to farmer. And farmer also became a businessmen because its responsibility to sell and store the product of farmer and we increases the income of farmer

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Mr.Akhilesh Kumar



We Provide excellent services for Everyone

Benefit of to become a member of Maharishi Farmer Producer Company Ltd. Farmer improves their income. Farmer get direct benefits. Farmer gets technical support from Company. Farmer gets benefit of government scheme. Farmer gets help and support. When a farmer going to sell their goods so sometime they don’t get good market rate but when they are associated with Maharishi farmer Producer Company Ltd. then they get good benefit and increases their income. VIEW MORE https://youtu.be/Olw_6uuQ9bohttps://youtu.be/6dT3Olh4wvE

Farm Care

We care about your farm land and help you to grow more crop in your farm.

Plant Renovation

We help to farmer for crop production.

Seed Supply

We provide Seed to our associate farmer partner with good quality of seed at cheap rate

Watering Garden

We help to our farmer partner to supply of water in their field

Product Gallery of MFPCL

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