Our Service

We have been working on promoting healthy organic food that relented to our farmer for over a decade, and our products are known for the premium quality!

Organic Food Market

MFPCL are excited to offer you the widest range of products and services from our organic food store!

Premium Products

Our product are pure and organic there its premium product form farm to  customer.

Natural Components

Our Product are natural product so its contain natural components.

Herbs & Spices

MFPCL also deal in spices that are pure product good for health there is no mixing of chemical.

Healthy & Easy

Our Product Are Rich source of Vitamin and mineral its Healthy.

Only the Best

What makes our products even more special is that we hand-pick every product prior to shipping the orders, so that our customers get the best experience only!

Haldi 200gm 100gm
Dhania 200gm 100gm
Mirchi 200gm 100gm
Rice basmati 2kg packet
Aata 5kg 10kg
Mustard oil 1litre
Jeera 200gm 100gm
Methi 200gm 100gm
Garam masala 200gm 100gm